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Designed with the specialty coffee community in mind, Normcore brings you a highly accurate, sturdy, and durable upmarket weighing scale in a very small package - just what you need when brewing manually. 

With its futuristic eye-catching design, this sleek-looking set of digital coffee scales is great for coffee and for regular kitchen use. With its touch-sensitive buttons and easy-to-read backlit LCD display, the weighing scale couldn’t be more simple to use.

Our ultra-thin coffee scale with auto-off timer has a 2kg max capacity and measures in 0.1g increments. With its rapid, precise response, this small digital coffee scale is ideal for all methods of brewing, espresso, or filter. Why not simply enjoy a better cup of coffee at home or at the office.

Ideal for home and office use, the multifunction coffee scale enables you to weigh both coffee and water within a tenth of a gram.

The Normcore rechargeable coffee scale makes a unique gift for everyone - perfect for the new home, the housewarming party, a bridal shower, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, and wedding day.
The Features:
Simple, stylish design – compact and minimalist, the Normcore coffee scale still manages to offer everything you need from a Brewing Scale.

20 mm extra thin - comes in an ultra-slim, sleek design at just 20 mm thick. Precise and fast response, ideal for all methods of brewing, Espresso, or Filter.

0.1g High-precision – measure up to 2kgs in 0.1g increments. Accurate with timing and weight display, your brews will be consistent and delicious. 

Rechargeable battery — Up to 15 hours of detached time. The lithium-ion battery is easy to recharge for long-term use. Auto turns off after 5 minutes of inactivity to preserve power.

Compact functionality - Travel safely within a silicone protective case, fit on any travel bag. Silicone protective pad helps protect the scale from water spillage and surface scratches.

The Specifics:
Dimensions: W: 154 mm L: 140 mm H: 20 mm
Maximum Capacity: 2000 g
Minimum Weight: 0.1 g
Battery: Lithium-ion rechargeable 3.7 V 1000 mAh
Power Supply: 5 V / 100 mA
Key mode: Capacitive touch ( no need to press hard )
Materials: Stainless Steel Plate, Rubber Coated Plastic Body, Silicone Cover

Inside the Package:
Coffee Scale x 1
Heat Resistant Pad x 1
PU Leather Round Coaster x 1
Silicone Protective Cover x 1
Type-C Charging Cable x 1
User Manual x 1

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Coming from the Hulia region of Colombia, located in southwestern Colombia, nestled in-between the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with the middle area called the Magdalena Valley.

Carlos Ortiz owns Finca Los Alpes in Hulia. His 12.5 hectare Farm is planted with 35,000 trees on 7.5 hectares. Carlos also plants plantains and corn for consumption on his farm.