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DF64V Coffee Grinder [New Model - Faster, Lighter, Smarter] - Pre Order - Late August Delivery

DF64V Coffee Grinder [New Model - Faster, Lighter, Smarter] - Pre Order - Late August Delivery

The New Variable speed Single Dose Espresso-Filter-Coarse Grinder is worth every cent. Big on value, small on drawback costs. What makes this grinder so well sought after? Here are 10 Reasons why. Full range grind size, Fine (Espresso), Medium (Filter) and Coarse (Cold brew).

1) No Retention (Single Dose)
The ultimate DF64 Coffee Grinder Unique Selling Point. Coffee grounds stuck in your grinder stale over time and create unappetising flavours in your next cup of coffee. Thankfully, the DF64V Coffee Grinder boasts a streamlined design where coffee grounds fall out smoothly, giving rise to bare or no amount of grounds retained in your grinder. You will never have to waste coffee by purging old grounds or banging the grinder in all directions. Most importantly, you get to taste the optimal flavour in your coffee. DF64V now comes with a magnetic chute, allowing you to access and clean your metal hatch (replaces the traditional plastic declumper design).

2) Value 
The DF64V is a sturdy and reliable grinder built with pricey and professional parts. It is fitted with 64MM DLC Flat burrs for fluffy grounds and durability. Diamond-Like-Coated burrs provide longer-lasting burr strength (10 times more durable than steel). Furthermore, DF64V Grinders have avariable speed motor. At its economical price point, DF64V encompasses quality parts. The new DF64V boasts a detachable-by-magnet popcorning device and a detachable-by-magnet outlet chute feature for improved fuss-free cleaning.

3) Pricing
With the only other comparable single dose variable speed grinder out there is the Lagom P64, at ~ 1,600USD.  It is a phenomenal deal even after adding on DHL/FEDEX/UPS shipping costs for those that purchase the DF64 from us! Better still for customers who are located closer to us such as in Asia and Australia!  Quality features with an economical price point. 

4) Speed
The DF64 grinds fast compared to any of its competition in the 64mm and below range due to its powerful motor. For a benchmark, it grinds faster than any other 64mm and below single-dose grinder. The new DF64V embodies RPM (Revolutions Per Minute) rotary knob feature for Speed Adjustment, from 500-1800RPM, a wide range for playing with your coffee. Even at 1800RPM, the sound of the motor is impressively muted!

5) Flat Burrs
Majority of espresso drinkers prefer flat burrs because you get to taste more flavour and depth in your coffee as compared to conical burrs. Well, the debate goes on, and to each their own. By solely looking at the trend in commercial cafes and influential grinders in the market (Mahlkonig EK43, Mazzer ZM & Lagom P64), statistics do seem to indicate a consumer preference for flat burrs. The new DF64V has a standard DLC (Diamond-Like-Carbon) coated burr, which entails special manufacturing technology,  guaranteeing an above-average operating life of ~3000 KG minimum and a clean grinding process.

6) Aesthetic
The DF64V Grinder is a minimalistic and robust grinder that complements any countertop and space. The new design was inspired to fit a sleek and modern home with its eye-catching RPM turning device, classy metal coating and smooth edge finishes. The DF64V comes along with a pure metal CNC cup and wooden base as a touch of elegance and quality.

7) Rubber Bellow 
With the feature of a rubber bellow and wooden lid top, you can push air into the burrs and out of the grounds chute. This serves as an additional detail, on top of its streamlined design, to ensure minimal retention of grounds.

8) Ability to grind a range of consistent espresso, filter & coarse grind.
The DF64V Grinder is of high-quality and high-performance for home and professional coffee enthusiasts who want to try different coffee brewing methods: Espresso, V60 Filter and Coarse Cold brew! The new DF64V incorporates a permanent built-in grind size indicator feature for Grind Size Adjustment. There is no longer a need for an external grind size indicator ring. 

9) Modifications
If you are feeling adventurous and diving deeper into the intricate world of coffee, you can level up your coffee game through modifications to refine and enhance the DF64V Grinder. An example would be to upgrade your flat burrs to SSP Flat Burrs. The DF64V is now also our slimmest, lightest and most sleek grinder we have created. We know you will enjoy looking at it as much as drinking your coffee! Lagom P64 Killer Grinder.

10) Colours
The DF64V comes in 3 faultless colour variations - Black, Silver, Grey.

Technical Information
Model: DF64V
Package Size: L40 x W32 x H18 cm
Package weight: 5.0KG
Item Size: 
L20 x W10 x H33 cm
Item Weight: 3.9KG

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Coming from the Hulia region of Colombia, located in southwestern Colombia, nestled in-between the Central and Eastern ranges of the Andes, with the middle area called the Magdalena Valley.

Carlos Ortiz owns Finca Los Alpes in Hulia. His 12.5 hectare Farm is planted with 35,000 trees on 7.5 hectares. Carlos also plants plantains and corn for consumption on his farm.