Who Are We?

Nerds! Addics? Define us how you like, regardless, we love coffee! And we believe there is more to coffee then most realize. More to explore, more to understand and more to enjoy. Our goal is to show you what coffee can be when there are no stereotypes or limitations.

Our perception of coffee is more than a quick hit in the morning for energy, but rather a multi sensory experience equal to wine or whiskey. Something to be savored, enjoyed, and treasured.

We personally travel the world searching for the finest and most unique coffees to offer and seek our specifically rare micro lot, single origin, single producer beans that are fully traceable, ensuring ethical wages for producers.

Through the roasting process we aim to peel back the mask on what coffee is perceived to be, and open up people's view and experience, to engage your mind and your senses.

Defying Norms

Embracing Uniqness

Challenging Perceptions